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Running on Empty: Minnesota-Duluth Tops Michigan in Overtime to Claim NCAA Hockey National Championship

“What a Year – When you sit down and think about it, really look at the year, this is a team that should be celebrated. It wasn’t too long ago (middle of February) that Michigan was in the midst of a three game losing streak and not firing on all cylinders. In response, they went on a huge run that saw them advance to the NCAA Finals. There was the Big Chill at the Big House and Michigan’s dismantling of Sparty. Winning the CCHA regular season title. Upsetting the No.1 team in the country in the NCAA semis. It was awesome.”



Bobby McMahon Handicaps WC2010 for Prost Amerika Soccer

FSC Senior Analyst Bobby McMahon chats with Prost Amerika after the 2010 World Cup Draw and has these observations to make:

  • Are South Africa the weakest host country? “They’re not the strongest hosts… but… the host nation more times than not finds a way to get through.”
  • On Mexico- are they underestimated?: “Mexico… can be intimidated…  when they get up against vert strong, physical sides that get on top of them they can have some trouble… The States… for the longest time have built a team equipped to beat the Mexicans”
  • On Argentina- ‘very dangerous to link qualifying performances with performances at World Cup’
  • “I’m not a big watcher of Slovenian soccer but I watched both games against Russia… the second leg performance… was outstanding…. If they’re a counterattacking team… I think they cause problems for England.”
  • If Slovenia and Algeria were replaced in Group C with Russia and Egypt, people would be calling it the “Group of Death”
  • Bobby’s predictions for which teams will make it through…
    • Group A: France & Mexico;
    • Group B: Nigeria & Greece;
    • Group C: US & England;
    • Group D: Serbia & Germany;
    • Group E: Netherlands & Cameroon;
    • Group F: Italy & Paraguay;
    • Group G: Brazil & Ivory Coast;
    • Group H: Spain & Chile

Listen to the whole conversation here.

World Awaits World Cup Draw

I don’t know the statistics of a World Cup Draw. The only team I’d be afraid of drawing in this scenario is Denmark.

Via Prost Amerika Soccer:

Given the artificial restrictions in place to prevent any of the groups being overloaded with European sides, it is statistically more likely than 3 in 8, that the USA will find Greece, Denmark or Serbia in their groups (if those indeed are the Pot 3 European sides).