French and Irish fall out over ‘box’ incident

The Thierry Henry hand ball now makes sense…


Quote of the day: “Jamie is always hanging around the hoop”

“I think this is a brilliant quote because it encapsulates the situation perfectly. (For readers who are not basketball fans, this was a sports reference to basketball players who stay close to their basket to score easy lay-up points). Dimon, a classic keep-your-powder-dry-when-everyone-else-is-losing-his-head conservative banker, is also an opportunist. In a move straight out of Warren Buffett’s game plan, he was looking for some easy lay-ups when the chips were down and everyone was panicked. That’s how he got bear Stearns and it’s also how JPMorgan Chase got Washington Mutual.”


William Black’s Lecture on the Financial Crisis & Fraud

“Readers may know that William Black, who teaches economics and law at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, has been a vociferous critic of US policy on the financial crisis. In this lecture, he not only revisits one of his favorite topics, fraud, but also examines a wealth transfer from the middle classes to the banksters.”